Before or after making a donation, please provide us with the following:
1. A copy and paste logo linked to your website
2. A copy and paste banner linked to your website
3. An html code linked to your website
4. A clear image in PNG format with a link to your website
5. If you would like us at to create a banner matching your website, please make such request at: 
6. In, find the state, then the page number (Not Banner Location) you would like to place your banner.
Banner size and style are created at our discretion and only to match your existing website.
Banner location placements from Top to Bottom on eBogn pages are done at our discretion. 
A slightly higher donation for creating banner(s) would be appreciated.
We are not in the business of creating logos, banners, html codes, images or any other form of advertisement. 

All logos, banners or any other advertisement found in eBogn, will eventually be removed if no donations are received. 
Those banners and/or logos who have already donated will remain until it's expiration accordingly. 
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Approximately 20,000 page views annually and still growing. receives no tax breaks, or government funds. All costs for creating and constant maintenance is directly out of pocket. 
Any donation is greatly appreciated.