Department of Finance
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations Unclaimed Money Account Administered. 351. -. ... 368. -
Securities and Investments Commission
Unclaimed money. ASIC is responsible for handling all unclaimed from:. If you are searching for unclaimed..​

ACT Government Information Portal
List of unclaimed deposits/inoperative accounts which are
inactive & inoperative for 10 years or more on their,​

State Revenue Office Victoria
Every year, millions of dollars end up in the Victorian Unclaimed Money Register waiting to be collected by its..

NSW Government Revenue
Find your lost money using our search facility. Once you locate your money you will be able to submit a claim.​.​

Public Trustee Queensland Parliament
Unclaimed money is funds that are due to a person, company or organisation that have not been received &-​

Unclaimed Super Fund
Search unclaimed super in our archives AUSfund’s goal is to reunite you with your lost and unclaimed super..​

Department of Treasury and Finance
DTF is the lead agency for economic, social and financial policy outcomes, where we play a vital role in providing..

Northern Territory Government 
Before you apply, if you believe you are entitled to unclaimed money being held by the Territory Revenue..

Department of Treasury Western Australia
Almost $9.9 million in unclaimed money owed to thousands of West Australians has been reported to the..

Fair Work Unpaid Wages
Search for unpaid wages If you need help sorting out a workplace wages issue, check Help resolving workplace..

General Electric
​Details of Equity Shares liable to be transferred to Investor Education and Protection Fund Shareholders are

Public Trustee and Guardian
Anyone can use the search function to look for themselves and others. Processing unclaimed money..


ANZ Bank
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Fiji Branch, publishes names of customers of which during..

Standard Chartered
Unclaimed accounts, 31st Oct 2017. Accounts the names of.. 220-216,SHARP STREET, COOMA,NSW AUSTRALIA, ..​

Data Matics
Shareholders who have not received or encashed their dividend warrants as on September 14, 2017 for the ..

Global Discoveries
Global Discoveries is the nation's premier unclaimed assets location & recovery company, serving businesses..​

Inland Revenue
If you believe you are entitled to unclaimed money please send us your name, address, IRD number and proof of..

ASIC Gazette, 2
Life insurance unclaimed money as of 31 Decemeber 2012, & 31 May 2013. Sec 216 of Life Insurance Act 1995​

SA Power Network
​A subsidiary of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited.
​Details of Unclaimed Dividend transferred to IEPF..

National Library of Australia
If searching for money previous to 2001, you can consult various print editions of the Commonwealth Gazette. .

SA Government Gazette Pg. 416
So. AU Gov. Gazette. [14 January 1999..winnings & losses resulting from bets. Punters' club holds unclaimed money​

Smart Money
Unclaimed life insurance policies, bank accounts, dividends & more. ASIC expressly disclaims any liability..​

Michael Smith News
Unclaimed monies in Union names​. Industrial Training and Education Fund, Inc has been deregistered in 2009..

West Pac Bank
Refund of Unclaimed Moneys​, if the account balance is $500 or more the balance will be transferred to the..

my Gov
myGov is a secure way to access government services online.One username and password for government ..

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